Growing System

An innovative design based on existing, proven and scalable technologies.
Designed for affordability, redundancy and autonomous operation. Patent pending.

1. Greenhouse Rovers

  • Also known as AGV or AMR, these robots move below the pods and have full access to every coordinate on the greenhouse floor.
  • Once in position, a lifting platform is extended to carry the pod to light/dark areas, to the CNC robots or to human farmers.
  • Maximizes yield by eliminating most access pathways.
  • Extends the “reach” of the CNC robots.

2. Electric Pods

  • Our growing pods require only low voltage electricity. This considerably lowers the required infrastructure throughout the greenhouse.
  • Bus bars, laid out on the floor, provide electricity and easy placement for the rovers.
  • Each IoT pod monitors the humidity above and within the root chamber, activates the Aeroponic ionizers or the Hydroponic pumps. 
  • Each pod is fully self-contained, which minimizes cross-contamination and allows different crops for each pod.
  • The vertical pods also power and control the grow lights.

3. CNC Robotics

  • Proven and reliable robotics.
  • Affordable precision on a small, fixed space (solved via rovers).
  • Each interchangeable robot end-piece automates a farming task:
    • Seeding
    • Replanting (to maximize yield)
    • Reservoir sampling and refilling
    • Drain and clean reservoir
    • Close-up, M.L. powered , crop snapshots
    • Harvest (or in Hebrew – Katif)
  • A future version with a 5-axis end-piece will automate pruning and trimming. 

4. Stackable & Vertical

  • Our pods stackable up to 3 levels (next generation pods will support up to 8)
  • Simple optional upgrade of  redundant stationary forklifts
  • Compatible with the same greenhouse rovers and CNC robots
  • The most cost effective vertical farming solution