The Katif System


1 - Stackable Pods

The system uses prefabricated stackable pods that quickly turn any grow area into a vertical farm.

We offer a variety of pods to optimize different crops and climates:

  • Hydroponic NFT
  • Hydroponic DWC (for very warm climates)
  • Aeroponic Ionizers (for optimal grow rates)
  • Soil (for larger crops that require strong roots)

Each pod is self-contained, with its own nutrient-reservoir, pump, and IoT controller. The pods require only electricity – thus lowering to an absolute minimum the installation required within the grow space (only power bars are required to be installed on the floors).

We support both climate-controlled greenhouses and indoor farms – and minimize the need for artificial lighting via circulating the pods and LED spaces.

2 - Robotic Storage

Unlike existing vertical farms, where farmers must climb ladders to attend their crops, Katif farms use automated warehouse rovers that move and circulate the pods.

Farmers, and precision CNC robots, stay in place and attend to a single pod at a time.

This method allows maximal crop density, as stacks of pods can be stored in a puzzle-based method with minimal pathways. Additionally, as humans do not enter the grow area, we are able to use optimal climate settings within the farm.

Stacks of pods are retrieved and stored with robotic rovers (AGV—Automated Guided Vehicles—or as we prefer, Automated Greenhouse Vehicles) and are unstacked with a robotic and stationary forklift. The AGV slides directly under the pods, which again eliminates wasted space of large pathways.

The system also maximizes the distribution of natural light with these robots, as pods can be quickly moved based on the crop stage and target sun or artificial light.

3 - Precision Farming

To stay cost-effective, Katif does not use complex Robotic Arms (which are usually required to reach vertically growing crops).

Instead, we rely on stationary and affordable CNC robots. Pods that require maintenance are retrieved via AGV from the grow area, unstacked with the assistance of the robotic forklift and then a single pod is brought to the CNC machine.

Our CNC machines perform the most tedious and repetitive tasks such as seeding, watering, nutrient management, photo analysis, replanting, and much more.

Katif’s long-term goal is to reach fully autonomous farms – Seeds in, crops out with no farming experience required.

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