Innovative Farming Technology: Indoor and Urban Farms

Urban farming is a hot new term for those seeking to bring quality, healthy, and affordable food to cities where it isn’t always easy to get. From everyday people to environmentalists to community groups, the interest is rising, although urban agriculture is nothing new. At its core, urban farming “is growing or producing food in […]

Vertical Farming in Urban Cities

Farming in urban environments was previously thought to be impossible. However, thanks to new innovative farming methods, urban agriculture is quickly becoming viable. Techniques like vertical farming make urban agriculture an option for those who wish to expand into the world of farming within cities. But what is vertical farming, exactly? Vertical farming is “the […]

Starting Your Own Greenhouse

Greenhouses are a cornerstone in innovative farming technology, though currently, global greenhouses only account for .6% of total vegetable production. Perhaps you’re interested in starting one of your own. As the interest in self-sustainable and innovative farming grows, it’s becoming easier and easier to start a greenhouse of your very own. There are many kits […]

Greenhouses: History and Current Day Uses

Greenhouses are a practical, cost-effective, and eco-friendly tool for growing a variety of plants year-round, and they’ve been around since the Roman ages. The emperor Tiberius was fond of a cucumber-like vegetable, and so his gardeners came up with an idea to plant cucumbers in wooden carts (much like wheelbarrows) which they left in the […]