Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Farming

In 2016, the EPA estimated that U.S. agriculture contributed nearly $330 billion in revenue to the economy[1]. However, as the climate continues to change and become more unpredictable, coupled with the global concerns of a growing population, farmers will face difficulty keeping up with the demand for agricultural products in the coming years. One method […]

Innovative Farming Technology: Plant Factories

Plant factories are facilities that produce high-quality vegetables (mostly leafy greens) throughout the year by artificially controlling the light, temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, and culture solution of the growing environment. This innovative farming method allows growers to better plan production and produces vegetables roughly two to four times faster than traditional farming. The high-tech, automated […]

Innovative Farming Technology: Indoor and Urban Farms

Urban farming is a hot new term for those seeking to bring quality, healthy, and affordable food to cities where it isn’t always easy to get. From everyday people to environmentalists to community groups, the interest is rising, although urban agriculture is nothing new. At its core, urban farming “is growing or producing food in […]

Pesticides in Farming: Current Day Implications & Needed Changes

Pesticides is an umbrella term for a multitude of chemicals like herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides that helps farmers control pests and weeds. In agriculture, herbicides make up 80% of all pesticide use. Pesticides allow farmers to protect their crops from pests that could potentially carry diseases. However, these chemicals also have many disadvantages as they […]

Vertical Farming in Urban Cities

Farming in urban environments was previously thought to be impossible. However, thanks to new innovative farming methods, urban agriculture is quickly becoming viable. Techniques like vertical farming make urban agriculture an option for those who wish to expand into the world of farming within cities. But what is vertical farming, exactly? Vertical farming is “the […]

Benefits of Sourcing Vegetables Locally

Locally grown food, specifically, is food produced in an area or region that can be considered local to your community, and it doesn’t have only to include fruits and vegetables. Dairy products, eggs, and locally raised meats all fall under the umbrella of locally grown food.[1] Sourcing vegetables locally benefit consumers, growers, and the community […]