About Us

Katif is a plug-and-play autonomous aeroponic (vertical) farming system.

Katif is a technology company that partners with farmers from seed to sale to use less land, labor, power, water and consumables than conventional vertical farms.

Katif’s USP is its proprietary cloud-controlled software, which integrates, controls and monitors open-source hardware and facilities that Katif supplies and installs at cost as a turnkey vertical farm solution.

Katif designs and constantly improves the hardware, and open-source the entire design in order to lower the required CapEx investment of it’s partnering farmers.

Katif empowers small farmers by providing them with a breakthrough growing system for autonomous growth and reliable yield of cash crops. The small farmer faces many difficulties, and Katif’s technology will be a game changer.

Facilities: Unmanned grow houses with no human pathways are designed to maximize the use of space and natural light and minimize waste of consumables. Our growing system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor farm locations.

Hardware: Aeroponic growing pods are stacked in vertical grids up to 8 levels high. CNC Bots plant seeds and nurse them throughout their growing cycle. Rovers move pods between rows and levels and remove hardware for maintenance and repairs.

Katif 1, our first commercial product, is a non-vertical farm that uses 3rd party Mobile Robots and is economically viable for Cannabis and Premium Herb farmers.

Software: Proprietary, cloud-based machine-learning AI maximizes yield by monitoring and controlling climate, temperature, light, water, nutrients, seeding, growing, trimming and quality control.

Our core IP is our cloud software, for which we charge a recurring licensing fee that is fully offset with the savings on human labour due to our robotic automation.

Partnerships: Farmers own the land and pay for CapEx, OpEx and distribution. Katif minimizes their expenses by providing the hardware, installation, integration and consumables at the lowest possible margin.

Katif does not directly sell the hardware, instead it collaborates with multiple manufacturing vendors and integration partners for each local installation. These allows fast scale with a relatively small investment.

Revenues: Shared 90:10 in the farmers’ favor. The quality and consistency of Katif farmed crops commands higher prices at the farm gate. Our commission is offset by the savings on human labour.

The Bottom Line:

Katif reduces human labor by 50% and requires 25% less power than traditional vertical farms (due to the transparent grow house). It also offers 25x greater yield per m2 than traditional open-air farms.


Yonatan Adest


  • Co-founder and CEO of a European social trading network with 150 employees and $20m in revenue
  • Team leader and winner of IDF’s Major General Award for Creative Thinking. Role included management of hardware projects.
  • Former CTO at FXUC
  • Founded TipTip, a web hosting company, at age 16

Alex Behar


  • Three successful exits
  • CEO of Mer1t Capital, which invests in high potential financial and cyber technologies
  • Co-founder of, and investor in, jGive – Israel’s largest charitable fundraising platform
  • Other roles including in Tradeo, Radware USA
  • Harvard Business School Alumnus

Nir Kenner


  • Full-stack developer on a mission to disrupt
  • Project Manager and DevOps at Tradeo
  • Technological Advisor at SQLink Group 
  • Team leader in IDF intelligence corps for hardware & software.