Innovative Farming Technology: Plant Factories

Plant factories are facilities that produce high-quality vegetables (mostly leafy greens) throughout the year by artificially controlling the light, temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, and culture solution of the growing environment. This innovative farming method allows growers to better plan production and produces vegetables roughly two to four times faster than traditional farming. The high-tech, automated […]

Innovative Farming Technology: Indoor and Urban Farms

Urban farming is a hot new term for those seeking to bring quality, healthy, and affordable food to cities where it isn’t always easy to get. From everyday people to environmentalists to community groups, the interest is rising, although urban agriculture is nothing new. At its core, urban farming “is growing or producing food in […]

Farming 4.0 – A Revolution

Scientist estimates global population will rise from 7 billion to 9.7 billion people within the next 30 years. They also predict income increases for the average person, leading to a rise in food consumption that will increase the demand for produce by up to 50%. Traditional farming methods cannot currently meet this increasing demand, as several […]

The Global Vegetable Shortage, And How Katif Is Addressing It

Vegetables are great. They can help reduce our global carbon footprint, live healthier, and they’re delicious. But, did you know that research indicates we will face a global vegetable shortage within the next 4 years? By the year, 2050, the world population will reach about 9.7 billion people. Population growth, coupled with increased income and overall higher caloric intake requirement, […]