Innovative Farming Technology: Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled environment agriculture, or CEA, is an innovative farming method that applies technology toward food production. CEA intends to provide the most protection and offer the best growing conditions for plants from planting to harvest. Growing in greenhouses or other enclosed structures makes it ideal for urban farming and using abandoned buildings as grow houses.[1] […]

Starting Your Own Greenhouse

Greenhouses are a cornerstone in innovative farming technology, though currently, global greenhouses only account for .6% of total vegetable production. Perhaps you’re interested in starting one of your own. As the interest in self-sustainable and innovative farming grows, it’s becoming easier and easier to start a greenhouse of your very own. There are many kits […]

Benefits of Sourcing Vegetables Locally

Locally grown food, specifically, is food produced in an area or region that can be considered local to your community, and it doesn’t have only to include fruits and vegetables. Dairy products, eggs, and locally raised meats all fall under the umbrella of locally grown food.[1] Sourcing vegetables locally benefit consumers, growers, and the community […]

Innovative Farming Technology: Advanced Greenhouses

Greenhouses, as we know them, have been widely used across the world for several centuries, and thanks to new technological advancements, they can be utilized to create large food production centers that have the potential to feed billions of people. These 21st-century greenhouses run by rovers and AI may be a far cry from the […]

Greenhouses: History and Current Day Uses

Greenhouses are a practical, cost-effective, and eco-friendly tool for growing a variety of plants year-round, and they’ve been around since the Roman ages. The emperor Tiberius was fond of a cucumber-like vegetable, and so his gardeners came up with an idea to plant cucumbers in wooden carts (much like wheelbarrows) which they left in the […]