Autonomous Farms

Revolutionary Growing system, capable of feeding the future

Open Source Hardware

We design and then fully open-source the hardware for our growing system. This considerably lowers the required CapEx investment of our partners.
Patent Pending.

Farm Software as a Service

Katif's licenses the comprehensive software suite which manages the robotics, climate systems and human farmers. Building upon well researched and tested growing recipes, we use AI to further optimize the quality and yield based on the real-time farm data.

Our Vision

To Feed the Future, we will transform the economics of precision & vertical farming by open-sourcing our innovative farm design and offering it at close-to-cost. 

Katif’s revenue model – a recurring FSaaS licensing fee, is fully offset with the savings on labour due to robotic automation.


We are pushing our offering to the absolute extremes of efficiency, delivering a business model that finally works for growers.

Our mission is to scale mass-market precision farming by partnering with local farmers to use less land, labour, power, water and consumables.



Our current working prototype located in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Katif 1

Our first commercial product.
Available soon for Premium Herbs.

Katif 8

How we will feed the future.