Prefabricated, Stackable
& Robotic Farms

Finally... Affordable Vertical Farming

Open Source Hardware

Our growing system is fully open-source. This considerably lowers the required CapEx investment of our local farmers as the hardware can be purchased directly from competing factories.


The A.I.-powered FaaS software manages the robotics, climate systems, and human tasks. Our software maximizes yield and quality while lowering the use of energy, water, and consumables.

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Uniquely Katif

Better than Vertical - Stackable

Katif turns any farm into a vertical farm with minimal on-site installation. Pods are robotically stacked, stored, and retrieved.

Robotic Storage

Lifting AGV robots move the pods and stacks throughout the farm. Our system provides unmatched crop density and yields.

Prefabricated Pods

Open-source hardware, shipped ready to deploy, allowing minimal custom infrastructure and unbeatable pricing.

Indoor or Greenhouse

Unlike existing systems, our focus is on transparent climate-controlled greenhouses. Sunlight significantly reduces energy consumption.

Designed for Profitability

Katif has the lowest CapEx investment and precision robotics considerably lower required human labor.
We focus on increasing local farmers' bottom line.


Farms are easily scaled and allow higher stacks of pods and larger growing areas.

A.I. Powered

Dynamic grow protocols for each pod, crop, and climate. This is only possible with self-contained pods, each with its own nutrient reservoir.

Grow Mediums

We offer pods with Hydroponics, Aeroponics, or Soil. This allows local farmers to optimize the medium based on the crop and region.

Less Labor

>50% labor automation.
And when farmers are needed - they never need to climb ladders to reach crops. Rovers retrieve and farmers stay in place.

Affordable Precision Farming

No complex robotic arms (which will never make economical sense).
Stationary and affordable CNC machines seed, replant, manage nutrients, take photos, and harvest the crops on your behalf.

To feed the future, we are on a mission to offer fully autonomous farms:

"Seeds in, crops out, with no farming experience needed."

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The Katif System

1 - Stackable Pods

Prefabricated, IoT, and self-contained electric pods stack to create vertical grow areas with minimal on-site installation.

2 - Robotic Storage

Lifting greenhouse rovers store and retrieve stacks of pods in high-density with minimal pathways.

3 - Precision Farming

Affordable, reliable, and stationary CNC robots perform delicate precision farming tasks. No complex and expensive robotic arms.

Augmented Reality

To better explain our stackable system, we have developed an Augmented Reality iOS app:

Electric Pods & CNC Prototype

NYC prototype is now open for visits!
Located at WeWork FoodLabs @ 511W 25th Street. Please reach out for a tour!

Second PoC in Tel Aviv.


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